Yogasanas is not about holding postures, it is posing, reflecting and reposing.....It is being present...

How often do we carry our worries and concerns with us in our daily routine? Such thoughts that linger in our mind affect our mood and invariably have an effect on the people with whom we interact.
When we practise yoga, we draw our mind to the present moment. We hold the asanas (poses) by focusing on body parts that we are activating and channeling our attention to dristhis (gazing points). At the same time, observing slow and deep regulated breaths (pranayama). These bring about a deep sense of calmness and clarity to our mind. As we weave in and out of asanas, we synchronise our breaths with the movements, developing a meditative state of mind.
As we assimilate into our yoga practices, we will experience the tranquil and therapeutic effects of practicing yoga. When was the last time you feel a sense of serenity after your yoga session?



Practising Yogasanas (Yoga Postures) draw us inward, to be in tune with our body and mind. We become more conscious and aware of the parts of body that we are working on.
Our body is a reliable feedback channel, so we listen and acknowledge the symptoms that our body shares with us! If we love and respect our body, it will reciprocate in a positive way and take us far.



If we hop onto a bus and alight prematurely, we will never reach our destination. Hassling and stressing the bus driver along the way will not get us a safe journey to our destination. So be patient, sit back and enjoy the journey!
Similarly, practising yoga is a lifetime journey which cannot be rushed. The journey can only be experienced if we cultivate a discipline to practise yoga regularly. Every practice will draw different sensation and experience. If we persevere, we are sure to witness the positive transformation in our physical and mental well-being.

What is Dynamic Yoga?

Dynamic Yoga is inspired from Ashtanga Yoga, which originated from Mysore, India.


More on the class structure...

There are 8 yoga classes in each term. The first 4 classes focus on establishing strong foundation through proper alignment of postures.



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